InterSpeech2017: Ten things to do in Stockholm!

Hej-hej! We are happy to see you in Stockholm and want you to experience the vibrant culture and charm of this city. We have created a list of the most noteworthy things, that would be nice to visit in the beautiful capital of the Kingdom of Sweden. Here we go 😊

  • See the Royal Guards Ceremony at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, one of the largest operating Palace in the world.
    Here you can find more information about time and location.
    Do not forget to visit at the Royal Palace! (Kungliga Slottet)
  • Walk with friends on the waterfront of Riddarholmen or The Knights’ Islet. Riddarholmen is a small islet in central Stockholm, from where you can see the Stockholm City Hall. (Stockholms stadshus). Address: Hantverkargatan, 1. (T-Centralen, Radhuset).
    More information here.
  • Look at the mighty warship “Vasa”, which have been laid in the sea 333 years!
    Here you can find more information about time and location.
  •  Study the life of medieval Stockholm in the Medieval Museum.
    More information here.
  • Stroll through and photograph houses and farmsteads, brought from every part of the country, in Skansen. It is the world’s oldest open-air museum, where you can visit differents events, as well as feel like you are in the past! Do not get lost!
    Here you can find more information about time and location.
  • Do you want to understand the Swedes better? A great way to do it – visit Nordiska Museet!
    More information here.
  • To grasp the spirit of Gamla Stan, wandering with your friend or true love its lanes and squares. This area is the historical district with ornate churches, tightly packed buildings and a relaxed vibe.
    Here you can find more information about time and location, but only on Swedish.
  • Learn more about how the Nobel Prize was created in the Nobel Museum. Do not forget to conduct your experiment!
    More information here.
  • Watch the sunset. Just feel the harmony between the colors of nature and the vibrancy of the city! We would definitely advise you to do it from Riksbron!
  • Walk along the water. Use your SL card for making an unforgettable travelling by local ferries to see a lot of gorgeous views.
    More information here.

Stockholm is magnificent city with a lot of stories, so keep your heart and soul open for new adventures!
P.S. Go shopping!! 😉 Seriously, do it! You will find many cool designers and stores, which are originally Swedish.

By Tatiana Volkova of Stockholm University.

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