OHBM 2018 in Singapore

21 June was our last day in Singapore after an amazing week at the OHBM 2018 conference! OHBM 2018 brought together for a few days a wide multidisciplinary community dedicated to the study of the brain — brain function, morphology, evolution, modelling, etc. and it is reassuring that SUBIC is right on spot in providing a brain imaging infrastructure for fundamental academic research on brain morphology and function.


SUBIC is Stockholm University’s research infrastructure promoting multidisciplinary fundamental research on the brain and its function. Its 360 m2 area at the Arrhenius Laboratory building, Stockholm University, Frescati, is being built to accommodate the University’s modern and functional Brain Imaging Centre.

In addition to its advanced equipment, SUBIC will provide highly qualified technical, methodological, analytical and practical assistance that will make SUBIC an available and useful tool for research in neurology, psychology, law, cognition, engineering, mathematics, neuronal networks, chemistry, physics, artificial intelligence, zoology, linguistics, literature, fashion, economics and decision-making, philosophy, etc.

Starting in September/October 2018, fundamental scientific questions involving brain morphology, evolution and function will be studied in SUBIC on a wide variety of species, from fruit flies to humans.

For further information or preliminary booking of resources, contact SUBIC’s Lab Manager.

About Francisco de Lacerda

Professor Member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
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