Why study Linguistics at Stockholm University?

Here are some reasons to apply today to a course at Stockholm University’s Department of Linguistics:

  • You are a humanist and want to learn about the diversity and common features of world’s languages
  • You are a computer expert and want to learn about natural communication among humans
  • You are an engineer and want to learn about speech acoustics and sign language to improve human-machine communication systems that use natural
  • You are developing automatic translation systems and need to have a deeper insight on natural cross-linguistic communication
  • You are a mathematician and want to model natural languages’ grammars
  • You want to learn how the human babies develop their language skills early in life
  • You are a teacher and want to learn about reading and writing processes
  • You want to learn and understand sign language
  • You are a journalist and want to learn about turn-taking in natural conversation processes
  • You are interested in dialect differences and how people communicate in real life
  • You want to understand why languages change over time
  • You want to study how speakers adjust their language in different social contexts
  • You want to learn how the brain processes language, be it oral, sign or written

Apply today because you want to learn about language and all its features — humans’ most advanced communication system!


Applications’ deadline: 15 August 2021

Featured image photo by Tommy Hvitfeldt
Robot photo by Lisa Gustavsson

About Francisco de Lacerda

Professor Member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
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