InterSpeech 2017 update

InterSpeech 2017 has reached an all-time high number of participants. InterSpeech has now more than 1850 conference attendants, including 1650 regular registrations. The organization committee is very proud of the wide interest for InterSpeech 2017 in Stockholm and is happy to announce the results of our effort to give all participants the best possible experience of InterSpeech 2017. We will take good care of you and here are the solutions we implemented:

  1. The opening ceremony in Aula Magna will be streamed to two overflow lecture halls in Södra Huset.
  2. The plenary sessions in Aula Magna will also be streamed to an additional lecture hall providing a two-way communication between the participants in the overflow hall and those in Aula Magna.
  3. In addition to the Reception hosted by Stockholm City at the City Hall on Monday, August 21, Interspeech 2017 organized an additional reception at Teaterbaren (, in central Stockholm. Security rules impose an absolute maximum of 1200 guest in the City Hall. Stockholm City issues 1200 reception tickets that will be distributed to InterSpeech participants upon registration and must be presented at the City Hall entrance. Individual e-mails will be sent to all participants who signed up for the reception, explaining if you are allocated to the City Hall reception or to the reception at the Teaterbaren. Since entrance in the City Hall is strictly regulated, it is appreciated if you trade your ticket with someone else (or return it to the InterSpeech staff) in case you decide not to attend the City Hall reception.
  4. The Interspeech banquet on Wednesday will be served in both the Technology Museum and in the adjacent Ethnographic Museum. Bus transfer will be provided from Stockholm University to these museums (face-to-face, same address). To allow for a smooth first serving, participants will receive an e-mail indicating if they will be served at the Technology or the Ethnographic Museum. Switching between the museums will be possible after the meals are served, provided there is enough available room.

Please note that due to the large number of registered participants, some of the conference materials may not be available to late registrants.


We look forward to welcome you in Stockholm!
Francisco Lacerda
General chair

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InterSpeech 2017’s international profile

InterSpeech 2017, in Stockholm 20-24 August, has today (4 Aug) 1845 participants (including 1650 delegates) from many countries:


Welcome to InterSpeech and to join the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA)!



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InterSpeech 2017: Waiting list for social events

To handle the large number of registrations for InterSpeech 2017 we are currently building a waiting list for the social events to allow us find adequate solutions to expand the capacity and accommodate all the participants.

Registrations for attending InterSpeech 2017’s scientific sessions proceed normally but at this point we cannot yet guarantee participation in all the social events you may have signed up for.

Thank you for your patience.


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InterSpeech 2017: Waiting list (update)

We are very happy for the massive interest to attend InterSpeech 2017 but we have reached the planned capacity for the social events and have to direct new attendees to a waiting list.

Conference registration is still possible but you will be assigned to the waiting list for the social events so that we can keep track of the demand.

We are working to find solutions to accommodate all the participants as soon as possible but July is vacation period in Sweden and it may take longer than usually to work out proper alternatives at this time.


We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you all at InterSpeech 2017, in Stockholm.

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InterSpeech 2017: Registration issues

Dear participants!

Due to the very large number of registrations and requests to register during the last couple of days, we are experiencing some difficulties in providing adequate feedback to all the requests. We are working to normalize the situation as soon as possible but may not be able to achieve a normal service level until after Monday, June 26.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Have a good weekend and thank you for your patience.

Francisco Lacerda

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Presenting at InterSpeech 2017?

Here are some views of Aula Magna, a Poster Area and some of the Lecture Halls where the oral sessions will be held to give you an idea of where your session will be held.

Early bird registration closes by June 21.

Welcome to Stockholm and InterSpeech 2017!


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InterSpeech 2017: Registration FAQ

To register for InterSpeech 2017 you must have an ISCA membership valid throughout the entire conference (20-24 August 2017).

If you are an ISCA member, start by checking your membership status directly at InterSpeech 2017, ISCA membership status or go to InterSpeech 2017 home page and navigate to ISCA Membership Status, under Registration, before proceeding to Registration.

If you are not an ISCA member or if your current membership expires before 24 August 2017, you will have to get an ISCA membership in order to register for InterSpeech 2017. There are currently two ways to get your ISCA membership:

  1. Building a conference registration package including your ISCA membership
    For this alternative you initiate the registration procedure at Go to registration (or navigate to that option by clicking Registration from the InterSpeech 2017 home page followed by Registration and Fees) and will be offered registration packages once you select your initial conference options.
    The price of your final package will be the cost (SEK) of your conference options plus the ISCA membership that you have selected and includes VAT. Your ISCA membership is the ISCA’s price expressed in SEK (at the current SEK/EUR rate) plus an administration fee (100 SEK+VAT).
    The full specification of the items in the package and the total amount will be displayed for your approval before charging your credit card or bank account.
  2. Paying the ISCA membership online to ISCA and register later for InterSpeech
    In this case you go to the ISCA online registration (no administration fee) and pay your ISCA membership in EUR. Once your membership is activated by ISCA you can return to the InterSpeech 2017 home page and conclude your InterSpeech 2017 registration.


IMGx0637xWelcome to Stockholm for InterSpeech 2017, Situated interaction!



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Call for applications to the Christian Benoît Award

The Christian Benoît Award (7 500 €), supported by the International Speech Communication Association,  the Association Francophone de la Communication Parlée and GIPSA-lab, is warded to promising young scientists in the domain of SPEECH and FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION.

For more information check call for 10th CBAward

Welcome with your application to the Christian Benoît Award!

Deadline: 18 June 2017

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Interspeech 2017: Notifications of acceptance released!

Notifications of acceptance have just been released! Check your e-mail!



Interspeech 2017: Technical Program Committee

Welcome to register for Interspeech 2017 in Stocholm, 20-24 August.



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Interspeech 2017

TPC meeting in Stockholm

Interspeech 2017’s Technical Program Committee met in Stockholm last week, May 11-12. Thanks to all members of the TPC for reviewing and allocating to oral and poster sessions all the contributions! Thanks also to Björn and Mette Granström for their generous invitation to the committee members after an intensive day of work!

Here are some moments from the reception and dinner at Björn and Mette Granström’s.


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 Interspeech 2017

Registration for Interspeech 2017 is now open!


Check the Interspeech website or register directly at

Important notice

To qualify for an ISCA-member registration, your ISCA membership must be valid throughout Interspeech 2017. You will be redirected to the ISCA website to update your ISCA membership before proceeding with the Interspeech 2017 ISCA-member registration. Please note that the ISCA membership is handled directly by ISCA (payment in Euro) while the conference, tutorials and workshops are handled by Interspeech 2017 (payments in SEK).




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LVA voice analysis technology – A threat to the credibility of academic financial studies

Hobson, Mayew and Venkatachalam’s paper, Analyzing Speech to Detect Financial Misreporting, is just the last of a series of flawed studies by Mayew and Venkatachalam. The authors insist in using Nemesysco’s LVA technology and give the impression that this is as an emerging speech analysis technology based on Nemesysco’s proprietary secrets. In reality the LVA principles were described in Liberman, A. (2003), US patent No. 6,638,217 B1. Although the ad hoc thresholds used in the program may have been changed since then, the patent unequivocally demonstrates that LVA principles are absurd and incapable of extracting any useful information from the waveforms it is supposed to analyze (see Lacerda (2012), “Money Talks: The Power of Voice – A critical review of Mayew and Ventachalam’s The Power of Voice: Managerial Affective States and Future Firm Performance”, for an explanation of why the LVA technology cannot work). Given the irrelevance of the LVA basic variables, further processing of the measures cannot produce any sensible results (unless information would be added during the processing, which is not the case). The so-called “proprietary secrets” are most likely no more than Nemesysco’s pseudo-scientific wording, circular arguments and incompetent descriptions of the speech production process that are supposed to lead naïve customers into the belief that there are indeed “proprietary secrets. Mayew and Venkatachalam have failed to see through the ungrounded claims of the LVA vendors. As a consequence, Mayew and Ventachalam have so far published a series of inconclusive papers because their results are critically dependent on the validity of LVA technology.
As academic researchers, Mayew and Venkatachalam’s uncritical acceptance of a commercial “black-box” is per se the kind of mistake that researchers should be trained to avoid. Unfortunately, Mayew and Venkatachalam’s assumption of LVA’s validity has surprisingly passed the review hurdles of several finance-oriented publications, conveying the bizarre impression that repeating series of void results may eventually turn them into valid results. However, whereas accommodation to repetition pressure may be an interesting psychological phenomenon and a driving force in the world of finance, where prices and product acceptance are affected by the number of interested customers, scientific explanations must be based on logical and grounded arguments that stand by themselves, independently of superficial customer opinions or market expectations. In summary, circular references do not increase the explanatory power or validity of a claim and any proper speech analysis must be grounded on scientific signal processing principles that stand public scrutiny, rather than on obscure “knowledge” of self-promoted “researchers” or sellers.
Obviously, Hobson, Mayew and Venkatachalam lack competence in the areas of speech analysis and signal processing but they should have been skeptical and demanded convincing answers to pertinent questions about the working principles of the LVA technique. They should also be aware that although correlations may be a useful exploratory tool in epidemiological studies, correlations, even if significant, do not by themselves prove or demonstrate anything unless supported by plausible and adequate models. In the case of an ad hoc constructed algorithm, like LVA, it does not even make sense to explore the algorithm’s validity using correlations. Validity must be demonstrated by the manufacturers’ principled arguments, not by the sort of inconclusive statistical fishing expedition that Mayew and Ventachalam appear to have engaged into. However, because the LVA technology is not supported by any reasonable or even plausible principle, the series of self-references in methodologically flawed papers and the excuse of “proprietary secrets” only fuel the notion that LVA technology is no more than just a sham. Thus, unless Mayew and Ventachalam (or anyone else selling or using LVA-based technology) can independently demonstrate that the processing carried out by LVA provides meaningful emotional information, the technology must be seen as an irrelevant “digital dowsing rod” and it makes of no sense to discuss its results or their implications at this point.
Of course, Nemesysco is not the only company trying to sell “advanced” technology based on pseudo-scientific analyses of speech. There seems to be an expanding market for bogus analyses backed up by aggressive propaganda exploring fiction and myths that may be appealing for a public lacking basic competence in speech processing and phonetics. This can only be stopped by an educated cautious and skeptical public that demands principled evidence for the seller’s claims. Scientists cannot expose all the pseudo-scientific nonsense in society but they have the responsibility of at least not endorsing it, like Mayew and Ventachalam did by adopting a “black-box” that there is virtually no independent reason to believe in. They should be encouraged to perform a scientific reanalysis of all their speech materials. A proper analysis of the speech materials may or not corroborate the authors’ hypothesis but it will, above all, produce results that are worth considering. By insisting to use a technology that they do not grasp and for which there are no scientific grounds, Mayew and Ventachalam are contributing to a mockery of financial research and, by extension, undermining serious science.

Lacerda (2012), “Money Talks: The Power of Voice – A critical review of Mayew and Ventachalam’s The Power of Voice: Managerial Affective States and Future Firm Performance”,
Liberman, A. (2003). US patent Patent No. 6,638,217 B1.

Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University

Comment by Francisco Lacerda — March 13, 2012 @ 1:58 pm

(This comment was initially posted at, as shown above, but deleted by the moderator about 1 hour later)

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InterSpeech 2017 app released

The Interspeech 2017 app has been released for both iphone and android.

Can be downloaded via your web browser from It will automatically detect if android or iphone.


Aula Magna: Welcoming you to InterSpeech


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Preparing to present at InterSpeech 2017?

Lecture halls for the oral sessions

You may have to follow the link to have a proper view of the halls. Please scroll through the pictures to get views of the different halls.

All lecture halls have audio-visual equipment, projectors and screens. The lecture halls are equiped with hearing-aid loops and all have dedicated places for one or two wheel-chairs.

No private computers will be allowed in the sessions. All presentations must be loaded on the conference’s central system (room B307).

Överview of Aula Magna


Aula Magna (auditorium)


Aula Magna (auditorium)

Lecture halls for the oral sessions in Södra Huset
(D9 is not represented but has the same layout as D7):













































Typical view of the poster area



Most of the furniture in the picture will be removed and replaced with poster stands


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InterSpeech 2017: Welcome to Stockholm

Some facts about Stockholm

See you next week!
Have a safe and nice trip!

Francisco Lacerda
General chair, InterSpeech2017

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InterSpeech 2017 sponsors


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InterSpeech 2017 sponsors


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InterSpeech 2017 sponsors


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