InterSpeech 2017 update

InterSpeech 2017 has reached an all-time high number of participants. InterSpeech has now more than 1850 conference attendants, including 1650 regular registrations. The organization committee is very proud of the wide interest for InterSpeech 2017 in Stockholm and is happy to announce the results of our effort to give all participants the best possible experience of InterSpeech 2017. We will take good care of you and here are the solutions we implemented:

  1. The opening ceremony in Aula Magna will be streamed to two overflow lecture halls in Södra Huset.
  2. The plenary sessions in Aula Magna will also be streamed to an additional lecture hall providing a two-way communication between the participants in the overflow hall and those in Aula Magna.
  3. In addition to the Reception hosted by Stockholm City at the City Hall on Monday, August 21, Interspeech 2017 organized an additional reception at Teaterbaren (, in central Stockholm. Security rules impose an absolute maximum of 1200 guest in the City Hall. Stockholm City issues 1200 reception tickets that will be distributed to InterSpeech participants upon registration and must be presented at the City Hall entrance. Individual e-mails will be sent to all participants who signed up for the reception, explaining if you are allocated to the City Hall reception or to the reception at the Teaterbaren. Since entrance in the City Hall is strictly regulated, it is appreciated if you trade your ticket with someone else (or return it to the InterSpeech staff) in case you decide not to attend the City Hall reception.
  4. The Interspeech banquet on Wednesday will be served in both the Technology Museum and in the adjacent Ethnographic Museum. Bus transfer will be provided from Stockholm University to these museums (face-to-face, same address). To allow for a smooth first serving, participants will receive an e-mail indicating if they will be served at the Technology or the Ethnographic Museum. Switching between the museums will be possible after the meals are served, provided there is enough available room.

Please note that due to the large number of registered participants, some of the conference materials may not be available to late registrants.


We look forward to welcome you in Stockholm!
Francisco Lacerda
General chair

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InterSpeech 2017’s international profile

InterSpeech 2017, in Stockholm 20-24 August, has today (4 Aug) 1845 participants (including 1650 delegates) from many countries:


Welcome to InterSpeech and to join the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA)!



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InterSpeech 2017 picture album 2/2

Captured moments at InterSpeech 2017!

Here is a set of over 800 pictures from InterSpeech 2017. Many related and sequence pictures of which some have already been published during the conference. Enjoy, choose and pick, if you like!

Best regards!




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InterSpeech 2017: Lost & Found

Have you forgotten some item at InterSpeech 2017?

Check the picture below and leave a message on this post to let us know how to return the item to you.



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InterSpeech 2017 picture album 1/2

InterSpeech 2017 in pictures by Kjell Ellenius!

More to come!


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InterSpeech 2017: The show must go on!

Yes, we all knew that after five amazing days of InterSpeech 2017 in Stockholm, it would be hard to say goodbye! So we just say: “The show must go on!”, as Queen sang in one of their great songs, and look forward to meet you again next year, in India!

Well, we hope you feel it was a great experience attending the conference! We are definitely very happy with the result of our efforts to give you the best possible value for coming to InterSpeech 2017 and for having the opportunity of spending a few days with you. The pleasure of hosting you here in Stockholm was worth all the intensive work to organise the conference. No better reward than feeling that InterSpeech 2017 was full of remarkable moments! We have discussed, shared and presented a wide range of ideas, projects and experienced “Eureka moments” 😊 We hope that you met your old friends – and new ones too – found new colorations or may be a new job, and have been inspired by outstanding speakers. It was a great pleasure to be with you!

We would like to say thank our team of organizers, volunteers and service staff for your competent and committed work! We did it! 😊

Now, we hope that you can help us evaluating different aspects of the conference by answering our InterSpeech 2017 survey! We will soon send an e-mail with a link to the questionaire.

Finally, we are preparing some more posts to be published here, based on  interviews with our keynote speakers and some of sponsors. You are welcome to subscribe to Stockholm University’s Phonetics blog.

See you soon!


By Tatiana Volkova of Stockholm University.

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InterSpeech 2017 on YouTube

Video recordings of the opening ceremony and ISCA medalist address, plenary sessions and closing ceremony are now available on YouTube.

Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden and see you at Interspeech 2018, in Hyderabad, India!

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InterSpeech 2017: Closing Session!

We want to thank all participants and volunteers for your amazing work, activity and creativity! Together, we contributed to the success of a science and technology conference with important personal and societal consequences! It was great to have the honor and responsibility of organizing InterSpeech 2017!

Here you will see some moments of the closing ceremony:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The closing ceremony is available on Youtube.

By Tatiana Volkova of Stockholm University.


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InterSpeech 2017: The Home Straight!

Hej kära vänner! Det är sista dagen på InterSpeech 2017! Hello dear friends! It is Thursday, August 24, and today is our last day at InterSpeech 2017 here at Stockholm University in Sweden! As always, time is running too fast! Incredible! Let’s take a quick look at this morning’s plenary address!

Björn Lindblom was InterSpeech 2017’s last keynote speaker and his address on “Re-Inventing Speech – The Biological Way” was a masterpiece of truly multidisciplinary research. Björn Lindblom discussed the ‘inescapable dogma’ of 20th century linguistics – “the logical priority of linguistic form over substance” – by reminding the audience of the neurobiological and physical constraints underlying language and phonetic typology. Excellent arguments for the independent biological motivation of the structures associated with the IPA-chart or revealed by the UPSID database. One of the highlights of Prof. Lindblom’s lecture were his well-grounded arguments for the continuity from basic communicative apian behavior to the evolutionary and ontogenetic increasingly complex human linguistic capabilities. Check the Book of Abstracts (p. 218) for a quick overview of Lindblom’s research questions.

Here are two of, Björn Lindblom’s four examples:

Ape skill

Human skill

Group activity


Social learning

Instructed learning

Prof. Lindblom referred to social brain hypothesis by asking: “How do we interpret babbling?” He pointed out that jaw oscillations while vocalizing are a fundamental building block of languages’ syllabic structure and he illustrated the basic nature of jaw movements with a short video of an 18-week old foetus showing jaw oscillations.

It was incredibly inspiring to follow along with Björn Lindblom as he discussed the challenges in biology and speech science!

Prof. Lindblom finished his presentation wishing us all “Many happy Eureka moments!” We definitely share his enthusiasm and belief that systematic fundamental research will lead to rewarding Eureka insights on “Situated Interaction” 😉 Click here for a sample of prof. Lindblom’s publications

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

InterSpeech 2017 plenary sessions are available on Youtube.

After keynote session and a short coffee break, we will head for the last phase of oral, poster and special sessions, Show & Tell and exhibitions! Since this is our last day, the sessions will end at 15.30. We hope that you have discussed and developed new insights in speaker & language identifications, speech recognition, coding and enhancements, phonology and phonetics and all the other areas. We also hope that you managed to participate in the Open Doors Event, where students (and not only them) have had a cool opportunity to meet with representatives of different Stockholm’s companies. Together, students, researchers and companies could discuss the main trends in industry and job and collaboration opportunities with the potential of leading to exciting professional careers. An excellent event, was not it? 😊

We hope that you have enjoyed InterSpeech 2017!

Coming soon: interviews with keynote speakers!


By Tatiana Volkova of Stockholm University.

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