InterSpeech 2017: Waiting list (update)

We are very happy for the massive interest to attend InterSpeech 2017 but we have reached the planned capacity for the social events and have to direct new attendees to a waiting list.

Conference registration is still possible but you will be assigned to the waiting list for the social events so that we can keep track of the demand.

We are working to find solutions to accommodate all the participants as soon as possible but July is vacation period in Sweden and it may take longer than usually to work out proper alternatives at this time.


We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you all at InterSpeech 2017, in Stockholm.

About Francisco de Lacerda

Professor Member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
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2 Responses to InterSpeech 2017: Waiting list (update)

  1. gaurav says:

    Can I still register for the social events? I know it is a long waiting list. There seems to be no option to register on INTERSPEECH website.


    • Yes. Register for social events so that you can be added to the waiting list and we can assess the demand while finding additional solutions. This applies to all the social events except to the reception at the City Hall, where we are guests ourselves and there is limitation on the physical space. Please send a short message directly to Registration with your registration data and the social events you are looking forward to attend.

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