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Check what is going on at Stockholm University’s Department of Linguistics and the exciting and challenging courses it offers!

Humans all over the world use natural oral and sign languages to communicate with each other. However, the sounds, the signs and the ways in which they are used may be so different across natural languages that native speakers of a natural language must typically learn how to communicate with speakers of other linguistic communities. Yet, in spite of such differences, the capacity of expressing concepts is essentially the same in any natural language.

Thinking about the amazing communicative power of natural languages immediately raises a number of related questions like:

  • What is a natural language?
  • How many natural languages are there?
  • What is a dialect?
  • Which sounds and signs can a language use?

If you are curious about these issues, you may be interested in the courses offered at Stockholm University’s Department of Linguistics. Applications are open now until the 15 April.

Research at the Department of Linguistics is typically multidisciplinar

Stockholm University’s Department of Linguistics offers top-class higher education in Linguistics, Phonetics, Sign Language and Computational Linguistics, intimately linked to the cutting-edge research carried out by the department’s scientists.
Take a course and get inspired!

About Francisco de Lacerda

Professor Member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
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