InterSpeech 2017: Speech, Engineering and a little bit of ML

Tjenamårs! Det är näst sista dagen på InterSpeech 2017! Hard to believe, but Wednesday 23rd is penultimate day of our conference! Yesterday we had sessions for every taste. Just look at the number of people engaged in InterSpeech 2017 on Wednesday!

Let’s start from the beginning 😊 As on Tuesday, our morning started at half past eight at Aula Magna. Catherine Pelachaud , one of our prestigious keynote speakers, presented her research on the topic “Conversing with the Social Agents That Smile and Laugh”. Here is some further reading on the subject -> Interacting with Socio-emotional Agents
Prof. Pelachaud presented several studies about perceptions of Smile and Laugh. We enjoyed her demonstration videos, with compelling illustrations of smiling and laughing artificial agents. Catherine Pelachaud guided us through the ML and decision trees used to have those agents conveying emotions, like Alice from the ARIA-VALUSPA project. Prof. Pelachaud and her colleagues want to implement Linguistic and Social as well as personalized behavior in virtual agents like Alice.

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InterSpeech 2017 plenary sessions are available on Youtube.

After the keynote session and a short coffee break, it was a time for the next phase of oral, poster and special sessions, Show & Tell and exhibitions! The sessions were full of interested participants. It was wonderful to be part of it and it really warmed our hearts! The lively commitment to the scientific debate of issues on spoken language processing, speech perception, analyzes of speech, audio signals and conversations, paralinguistic aspects, etc., put on clear display Interspeech 2017’s role as an event contributing to the healthy scientific climate on speech research and technology.

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We hope that you have enjoyed InterSpeech 2017!

Coming soon: interviews with keynote speakers!

By Tatiana Volkova of Stockholm University.

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