InterSpeech 2017: The show must go on!

Yes, we all knew that after five amazing days of InterSpeech 2017 in Stockholm, it would be hard to say goodbye! So we just say: “The show must go on!”, as Queen sang in one of their great songs, and look forward to meet you again next year, in India!

Well, we hope you feel it was a great experience attending the conference! We are definitely very happy with the result of our efforts to give you the best possible value for coming to InterSpeech 2017 and for having the opportunity of spending a few days with you. The pleasure of hosting you here in Stockholm was worth all the intensive work to organise the conference. No better reward than feeling that InterSpeech 2017 was full of remarkable moments! We have discussed, shared and presented a wide range of ideas, projects and experienced “Eureka moments” 😊 We hope that you met your old friends – and new ones too – found new colorations or may be a new job, and have been inspired by outstanding speakers. It was a great pleasure to be with you!

We would like to say thank our team of organizers, volunteers and service staff for your competent and committed work! We did it! 😊

Now, we hope that you can help us evaluating different aspects of the conference by answering our InterSpeech 2017 survey! We will soon send an e-mail with a link to the questionaire.

Finally, we are preparing some more posts to be published here, based on  interviews with our keynote speakers and some of sponsors. You are welcome to subscribe to Stockholm University’s Phonetics blog.

See you soon!


By Tatiana Volkova of Stockholm University.

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