Can a Nobel Prize in Chemistry inspire Finance Research to challenge pseudoscience?

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to Robert J. Lefkowitz‘s Nobel lecture at Stockholm University, in connection with the 2012’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry that he shared with Brian K. Kobilka.

Robert J. Lefkowitz is affiliated with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Duke University Medical Center. The authors of “The Power of Voice”, at the Fuqua School of Business, are also affiliated with Duke University but the contrast between the scientific methodology used in Lefkowitz’s studies of G-protein receptors and some finance researchers’ naive acceptance of Nemesysco‘s LVA obscure methodology could not be more striking. We can only hope that the finance researchers at the Fuqua School of Business will eventually be inspired by their colleagues at the Medical Center. Rather than just running correlation studies involving surrealistic variables proposed and controlled by Nemesysco sellers, they hopefully will start asking relevant fundamental methodological questions before engaging into ad hoc “analyses of speech to detect financial misreporting” that end up endorsing pseudoscience.

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