InterSpeech2017: Travelling to Stockholm

Some last minute reminders…

For information updates, check the InterSpeech2017 app.

From Arlanda airport to Stockholm City

The fastest way to get to Stockholm City is to take the Arlanda Express (20 minutes).


Flygbussarna are a cheaper alternative for one person (about 45 minutes but only 99 SEK/trip).

If you choose to take a taxi, make sure you travel with the main companies, like Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir or Taxi 020, that have a standard price to Stockholm City (about 500 SEK). Always check the price that is posted on the passenger door and ask for a price estimate before you enter a taxi. Pricing is free in Sweden and unfortunately some actors explore this possibility, particularly at Arlanda or Central Station. Be aware that when you take a taxi you accept its legally posted price, even if it is outrageous.

Moving around in Stockholm

An public transportation card (SL-card) is a convenient and cheap alternative to travel in Stockholm. The price for a 7 days card is about 315 SEK and you can travel by bus, train, underground, tram or some boat lines, within a 70 km around Stockholm. Check, Visitor tickets, for fares and other information.

Getting to Stockholm University

You can get to Stockholm University by underground (Tunnelbanan, T), bus or train (Roslagsbanan). Use the interactive trip planner at to find the best connection to Universitet, Universitet norra or Universitet södra. It is a short walk from these stations to Aula Magna or Södra Huset.


Make sure to have your registration barcode with you (printed or on you mobile phone) for a smooth registration process.

Meals at Stockholm University campus

Most of the restaurants and cafeterias in campus do not accept currency. You can only pay with credit or debit card.

Rental bikes at Stockholm University

You can rent a bike at to move around in Stockholm.



You can pick up or leave a rental bike at Stockholm University 


Wi-fi at Stockholm University

If your devices are set up with your international Eduroam credentials you will be automatically connected to Eduroam while in the campus area. Eduroam provides the best connection but if you do not have the credentials from your university you can access an alternative network using the login instructions in the Interspeech2017 app or proceedings.

Sightseeing Stockholm

Stockholm City will post information Hus A, Södra huset, near the Interspeech information desk.

Here are some pictures of areas around Stockholm that you can reach using your public transportation card.

Have a safe trip and welcome to Stockholm!


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Professor Member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
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