InterSpeech 2017: Conquering new peaks!

Hur är läget? InterSpeech 2017:s tredje dagen! Unbelievable, we have passed the halfway in our conference! What have we had today? There was a mass of fantastic and valuable events!

Our morning had been started at half past eight at Aula Magna, where all our participants have had a great chance to know more about developing dialogue systems and ask their questions to James F. Allen. Here you can find more information about prof. Allen. In his keynote address, James Allen showed some examples of dialogue with AI assistant TRIPS, a helper to a human manager. Here the article, where you can read more about this research .



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InterSpeech 2017 plenary sessions are available on Youtube.

The block of open and post sessions started at 10.00. We learned about modelling of speech productions, analysis of speech, phonation and voice quality and had new session of Show & Tell, speaker characterization, models of speech perception, acoustic models, signal processing etc. There were several special sessions! Hope you could attend Speech and Human-Robot Interaction and Incremental Processing and Responsive Behaviour to know more about spoken dialog system and analysis of conversations. Another interesting and needed event was Students Meet Experts, where students could talk and share their research and ideas with expects from their fields! It was fantastic, was not it? 😊 Moreover, spinning in the crowd, we had communicated with some of company representatives and participants and figured out that there are interested in recruiting talented students and not only students! Don’t miss this chance of planning your future! Feel free to contact companies and other participants!



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We hope that you are enjoying InterSpeech 2017!

Coming soon: interviews with keynote speakers!


By Tatiana Volkova of Stockholm University.



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