InterSpeech 2017: Registration FAQ

To register for InterSpeech 2017 you must have an ISCA membership valid throughout the entire conference (20-24 August 2017).

If you are an ISCA member, start by checking your membership status directly at InterSpeech 2017, ISCA membership status or go to InterSpeech 2017 home page and navigate to ISCA Membership Status, under Registration, before proceeding to Registration.

If you are not an ISCA member or if your current membership expires before 24 August 2017, you will have to get an ISCA membership in order to register for InterSpeech 2017. There are currently two ways to get your ISCA membership:

  1. Building a conference registration package including your ISCA membership
    For this alternative you initiate the registration procedure at Go to registration (or navigate to that option by clicking Registration from the InterSpeech 2017 home page followed by Registration and Fees) and will be offered registration packages once you select your initial conference options.
    The price of your final package will be the cost (SEK) of your conference options plus the ISCA membership that you have selected and includes VAT. Your ISCA membership is the ISCA’s price expressed in SEK (at the current SEK/EUR rate) plus an administration fee (100 SEK+VAT).
    The full specification of the items in the package and the total amount will be displayed for your approval before charging your credit card or bank account.
  2. Paying the ISCA membership online to ISCA and register later for InterSpeech
    In this case you go to the ISCA online registration (no administration fee) and pay your ISCA membership in EUR. Once your membership is activated by ISCA you can return to the InterSpeech 2017 home page and conclude your InterSpeech 2017 registration.


IMGx0637xWelcome to Stockholm for InterSpeech 2017, Situated interaction!



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Professor Member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
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